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Friday, May 1, 2015

Smiley360 Wonka Randoms Gummy Mix Review

We had a great time with the Smiley 360 mission for Wonka Randoms Gummy Mix.  My husband and I enjoyed them as a snack after the kids went to bed (shhhh!).  Then I created a game with my boys.  They each got a handful and before they could eat them they had to tell a little story.  My 1st grade sons story went something like this (gummy shapes are CAPITALIZED):  One day I went on a BIKE ride in my new SHOES.  I accidentally ran into a BARREL.  Out flew a BUTTERFLY and a SAXOPHONE. When I played the SAXOPHONE it sounded like a WHISTLE. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday J!

Yesterday (& today) we celebrated J's birthday.  I honestly can't believe my little guy is two.
We had a party with some friends.  It was so cute when J first walked in he was so excited!  "Melmo! Melmo! Melmo! Melmo!"  Yes, the theme was Elmo (and Sesame street) and Elmo decorations were all around.

                                                      First we colored Elmo 2 pictures.
Then we played a Cookie Monster ball toss game.
And then Pin the nose on Elmo.
The cupcakes were delicious.  I didn't take a picture of them though :(

And watched Elmo's World
Then we played with balloons
oh & hide & go seek with Cookie Monster (didn't get a picture of this either)
but the kids would go count in the kitchen area & the person "it" would hide Cookie somewhere in the big room.  J had the most fun "counting" with all the kids.  He is getting so smart - can almost count to ten *but misses 5 & 6.

It was a really fun party (and John & I were exhausted by the time we got home).

Today after nap we opened presents.
the Jeppson family was "there" via google chat

the boys got impatient & started wrestling
I love that my boys get along well.  They play together every day.  Of course it is loud and there are some times tears but for the most part they are VERY good friends.

We also got a new pet - Koda the Triceratops.  
J was freaked out the first couple of minutes (it roars & moves when on).
but now that big brother has shown him that Koda isn't real & how to flip the off switch
Koda is a fun toy

Wonderful days and we are so happy to have such a wonderful boy in our family.  
He is a great blessing to us all.

Quick post about Kimmy's open house

Reason we were missing last week was my sister, Kim's open house in Pocatello.  We had a good time seeing her and Alex again, and my parents.  J was introduced to the word donut again.  At first he was saying he wanted "chocolate bagel".  over & over.  Buddy, of course, wouldn't share even though he didn't end up finishing it.  So J & I shared and I ended up eating 1/2 of J's & 1/2 of Buddys.  Delicious donuts!

"Grandpa & Grandma" were in the line and J was "cookie monster" and snatched a couple of chocolate covered oreos for them and then after he would snatch one for them he would walk back to the refreshment table and get one for himself.  I said "are you cookie monster?" .  He replied "yeah, cookie monster... and Elmo."  "does Elmo like cookies too?"  "yeah.  cookies."
I'm really surprised my kids didn't have a tummy ache that night.
Then we went to Burley for Saturday night and church Sunday.

It's great to see family but I am done traveling for a while.  I just want to stay in my house (since the inversion is so horrible here) but I guess things like grocery shopping & taking Buddy to school have to be done too.