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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick post about Kimmy's open house

Reason we were missing last week was my sister, Kim's open house in Pocatello.  We had a good time seeing her and Alex again, and my parents.  J was introduced to the word donut again.  At first he was saying he wanted "chocolate bagel".  over & over.  Buddy, of course, wouldn't share even though he didn't end up finishing it.  So J & I shared and I ended up eating 1/2 of J's & 1/2 of Buddys.  Delicious donuts!

"Grandpa & Grandma" were in the line and J was "cookie monster" and snatched a couple of chocolate covered oreos for them and then after he would snatch one for them he would walk back to the refreshment table and get one for himself.  I said "are you cookie monster?" .  He replied "yeah, cookie monster... and Elmo."  "does Elmo like cookies too?"  "yeah.  cookies."
I'm really surprised my kids didn't have a tummy ache that night.
Then we went to Burley for Saturday night and church Sunday.

It's great to see family but I am done traveling for a while.  I just want to stay in my house (since the inversion is so horrible here) but I guess things like grocery shopping & taking Buddy to school have to be done too.